Производство и установка натяжных потолков
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What are our ceilings made off?

For the production of suspended ceilings using PVC film. Most are made of high-quality samples of European film production. In Europe, there are only seven brands, factories which are located in France, Germany and Italy. Below are the logos of these factories.

Stretch ceilings are issued in our industries the materials of these factories is a collection of branded Fran Studio. In Germany, the film is made of PVC brands Роngs, Renolit and Elbtal Plastics, in France - CTN, SEF and AlkorDraka, in Italy - Malpensa. Other European producers did not exist. If you are told otherwise, you are just tried to cheat, hoping that you will not check.


  •   european materials;
  • Fran Studio - this is only the European quality. On the sites of the largest suppliers of PVC in Europe we are in the list of reliable partners.
  •   environmental certification;
  • All ceilings Fran Studio is required to receive a certificate, which indicate the degree of environmental safety.
  •   fire safety;
  • In contrast to the Chinese counterparts, PVC film from Europe does not melt, does not emit toxic smoke and does not drip in fire.
  •   a guarantee of origin;
  • Complete with all the ceilings Fran Studio is a certificate and a sample of the film, which can be sent for review in Europe.
  •   installation quality;
  • Among Fran Studio work only experienced specialists. Installation of suspended ceilings quickly and efficiently.
  •   affordable prices;
  • Direct delivery of the raw material from Europe and guarantee the best value for money. Calculate the cost of stretch ceiling.

If you want to order the installation of suspended ceilings in your own apartment? Then you definitely will not leave indifferent ceilings Fran Studio, made of PVC film in Europe. We only work with European suppliers of materials, any buyer can check it out! Do not hesitate, buy suspended ceiling and to be sure of its origin, and thus environmental and fire safety - well worth it!

Choosing ceilings, you must map a number of factors. For many customers, the cost of the stretch ceiling - an important parameter. Others give priority attention to the quality, safety materials, the third - the reliability of the installation. Stretch ceilings Fran Studio can be regarded as an ideal solution that combines affordable prices, renowned European quality materials and professional approach to installation.

Checking certificates - this is important!

Certificates ceilings needed, they should be sure to check. This can be done online "Federal Accreditation Service". Before ordering a stretch ceiling specify the presence of the installer dealer agreement with the manufacturer. Official dealer must have a valid contract with the manufacturer of suspended ceilings or corporate certificate from him. Pay attention to the validity of these documents (usually issued for one year). If in doubt, you can call the manufacturer and find out about the availability of such a dealer.

The company Fran Studio regularly certify their products. Please note that the certificates issued by the company was Fran, ie of the companies with which you have to work. In addition, our company issued the conclusion "about products Uniform sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision."

Fran Studio Production

The company Fran Studio has its own productions of the suspended ceilings in the key regions of Russia. Our factories provide an uninterrupted supply for hundreds of installation companies in the country. Many of them are leaders in their respective regions. Only the best companies engaged in the installation of suspended ceilings Fran Studio, can boast the status of «authorized dealer» and the availability of corporate certificate. Call us, we will tell who will provide high-quality, fast and cost-optimized installation in your area.

We invite you to become a dealer of the stretch ceilings produced by Fran Studio. We make free training and full support of its own dealers. Promptly we solve the problems, make consultations on any issues. Each dealer is allocated an individual manager to understand all the intricacies regarding both production and installation of suspended ceilings. If some matter is not enough competence of the manager, the technologists from Fran Studio can help you. We always look forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation!

How to choose a stretch ceiling: a reminder to the client

Internet, newspapers and magazines are filled with advertisements from companies offering installation of suspended ceilings. All organizations have a "huge" experience, promise quality installation, European origin materials and offer a guarantee of 15 years. In fact, more than half the ads - a frank deception!

The company Fran Studio provides free advice. To use it, simply call us or order callback. Also, be sure to carefully read the content of this page. Then no one can mislead you. As a result, you will be able to choose a company that will install the suspended ceiling secure, while to do it efficiently and will give a real guarantee!

Free advice

The correct choice of tension ceiling - not a simple task. Experts of the company Fran Studio are ready to help you with this. For a free consultation call us or order a return call. Take a few minutes of your time, so you do not have to regret the wasted money!

Photoprint on the stretch ceilings

The company Fran carries out stretch ceilings photoprint using Japanese plotters of the sixths generation, allowing to obtain the highest photo quality images with the resolution of 1440 dpi. We work only with the original interior paint, which is odorless, have been certified and meet the highest environmental requirements. Using expensive and high-quality paint increases the service life and improve the performance of the ceiling. This fabric can be washed without fear of damage to the image, the ink does not fade in the sun and does not fade over time.

фото натяжных потолков натяжные потолки, пленки, элементы декора от Fran Studio натяжные потолки, пленки, элементы декора от Fran Studio

Fran company has its own bank of typical scenes. The collection is constantly updated with new images. At the moment, a choice of more than 5000 typical subjects that can be applied to any area of the ceiling. In addition to standard image, our company can print your own image on the ceiling, which must have sufficient resolution.