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Latest novelties

If you do not like the uniform, standard solutions and you want something new and unusual, then this section is certanly for you. Here we publishe the latest innovations and technologies, with the advent of stretch ceilings market, which has undergone revolutionary changes. All of these options are always available for purchase in the branches and authorized dealers of Fran Studio company.



3D art perforation

The Fran Studio company offers a wide range of modern technologies, that can make your interior unique. Progress does not stand still, today we are pleased to introduce another new product — «3D art perforation.» We hope that you will appreciate the unique look that «catches» at first sight. If you are looking for something new and unique, it’s time to make your choice!Show more…


«Prozet» profile for multilevel ceilings

The «Fran Studio» company offers you aluminum profile «Prozet» for easy installation of multi-level ceilings. Profile greatly simplifies the creation of constructiones, reduce the number of required elements. As a result, you get more technological and design features. Profile «Prozet» is available as a separate element, or as a ready product.
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«Soaring ceilings» profile without translucent overlay kp4003

Patented profile KP4003 is designed to create «soaring» stretch ceilings. The main advantage of this profile is that stretch ceiling covers the LED ribbon to provide uniform light diffusion. Thus, without any additional tools you can get a unique visual effect.
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«Soaring ceiling» profile

This profile is being fixed to the wall as well as the standard. The difference is in the structure. There is a special niche for attaching any LED ribbon — monochrome and RGB. Also, translucent overlay, that hides the LED ribbon and make the light more diffuse. This creates a «soaring ceiling» effect.
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