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How to choose the best stretch ceiling?

When you make repair in your own apartment, you must think through a lot of things. You should choose stretch ceilings with special care. If you comply these simple rules, stretch ceiling will serve you for many years and you will enjoy excellent quality all the time. Also, if the fire and environmental safety is important for you, we will help you make the right choice!

The benefits of stretch ceilings

First of all, It’s better to highlight the main advantages of stretch ceilings, in case you are choosing between different ways of finishing the ceiling space. If you have already decided for yourself that the stretch ceiling — is the best choice, you can go directly to the selection procedure.

The ceilings of GCR (plasterboard sheet) or stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are better than GCR constructions because of several factors. The main advantages are: the cost, ease of use, durability, resistance to the effects of various kinds, a variety of textures, presence of reflectivity. After the installation of a stretch ceiling tere will be no dirt, unlike the GCR ceilings.

Ceilings for painting or stretch ceilings?

Ceilings for painting have always been popular in Russia, but, due to the spread of stretch ceilings, they lose their part of presence on the market. Stretch ceiling does not require the leveling of the main ceiling, which is time-consuming and costly. Also, stretch ceilings hide under cover everything, that shouldn’t be evident. And the result is a perfectly flat surface. The other advantages of stretch ceiling are: clean installation, affordable prices, and most importantly — a wide range of textures.

Textile ceilings or PVC ceilings?

The main advantage of textile ceiling is a large width of surface, eliminating the need of any seam. Also, it can be mounted without heating the room. The disadvantages of textile ceilings are high prices and lack of texture with reflectivity. Stretch ceilings made of PVC film is a product, that allows you to achieve impressive results.

Methods of stretch ceiling selection

We offer you some simple rules. If you follow these rules, it’s simple to make a right choice. The technique is likely to work in case of exact following of all items. However, every rule for itself can help you to identify unscrupulous sellers of counterfeit goods.

Check the name of PVC film manufacturer

PVC film is the main element, which is used in stretch ceilings production. There are only seven European suppliers of PVC film. In Germany, the film is made by Pongs, Renolit and Elbtal Plastics, in France — by CTN, SEF and AlkorDraka, in Italy — by Malpensa. There are much more Chinese suppliers on the market. Unscrupulous sellers try to sell the Chinese film like the European. The buyer may get the impression that theere is no Chinese film at all on the market, because many sellers tell them, that they have only German or French film. So who has the Chinese?

First of all, you should visit official websites of manufacturers mentioned above to find a list of companies — partners from Russia. If the company buys film with the help of intermediary, then it must have confirmation, for example, the contract with the supplier. And the supplier at the same time must be specified on the website of the manufacturer. Be sure to call the supplier to clarify whether it works with a certain company.

Ask for certificates and check them out!

The seller must be certified by the manufacturer of PVC film, producers of stretch ceilings, as well as the organizations, authorized to check the safety of products. Fortunately, the certificate authentication is not difficult.

Evaluate the seriousness of the company

Very simple and obvious rule, but many people forget to follow it or just ignore them. If the seller has no formal legal status, telephone and office, consider, who you will then make claims to if there will be any problems?

Conclusion of the contract — is a must!

Do not agree to work without a contract, be sure to read it from beginning to end. In no way do not make 100% advance payment. Specify the terms of performance and guarantees, assumed by the firm.

Be carefull with low prices

Too low price is the first sign, that you are dealing with a company (or individual), practitioner materials spoofing. Usually, prices goes down only if the company is entering the market to gain first orders as quickly as possible. In this case, the risk to face the low-skilled installers is extremely high. The results of this installation may shock you!

Other methods to obtain quality products

Every conscientious company is thinking about th ways to protect the client against counterfeit. Fran Studio stretch ceilings have several degrees of protection against counterfeiting, which you can find here.

In addition, we offer a service, which is unique in the market. It gives 100% warranty of protection against counterfeiting. Any buyer, wholesale or retail, can verify the origin of each ceiling. With every product we give a sample of the material, which can be sent for analysis to the manufacturer of PVC film.