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Beware of fakes

According to statistics, on the stretch ceilings market consumer fraud or substitution of goods with low-graders occurs in 70% of cases. Even some federal manufacturers of stretch ceilings work in this way. All this is possible only if consumer completly ignores information about stretch ceilings, how you can be cheated and how not to be cheated.

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Do not waste your time trying to restore justice and to get your money back for the defective items after you have been deceived. It is much easier not to work with cheaters. We will help you to become an expert in the field of stretch ceilings, to choose the best installer of stretch ceiling and avoid the loss of extra nerves, and in some cases even health.

This section will be not superfluous for installers of stretch ceilings — everyday they have a risk of losing their health by installing the falsified stretch ceilings. Every day they inhale chemical components released during heating of low-grade PVC films. They often do not even think about it.

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Everyone need to know, that the quality of a stretch ceiling is made up of two components: quality of materials and qualified personnel. And it is very bad when there is not presented at least one of these components. If both of them are missing, it is critically bad. Don’t let anybody to cheat you!