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How not to be cheated?

Take a look at the website of the European producers of films. There is a little of them, only seven. On their official website mentioned their partners from Russia, or they give pertner letters from suppliers. The films can be sold only with these partners.

Pongs Textil (Germany)
CTN (France)
Renolit (Germany)
Malpensa (Italy)
Alkor Draka (Netherlands)
Elbtal Plastics (Germany)
SEF (France)

There are no more manufacturers in Europe. Separately we want to note that in Belgium there are no producers of films for stretch ceilings at all (there is a trading company that implements Chinese films).

сайт_как-не-быть-обманутым-2 как не быть обманутым

The maximum width of the PVC films, produced in Europe, is:

  • Matted – up to 325 cm (350 cm in set up ceiling)
  • Satin – up to 325 cm (350 cm in set up ceiling)
  • Lacquered – up to 325 cm (350 cm in set up ceiling)
  • Translucent – up to 200 cm (218 cm in set up ceiling)
  • Factured – up to 140 cm (150 cm in set up ceiling)
  • The seam must be for width within these values. «Invisibility» of seams does not exists.
как не ошибиться при покупке потолков как не быть обманутым при покупке потолков

If you re shown a catalog or sample of material with the words «this could be in different widths» — that’s not true. All materials of all widths are made with different equipment (no one makes the film width of 130 cm and 200 cm on the same calender). Of course the film will differ in tone and emboss. Be sure that you will get the cheapest sample. And it is not possible to check it out.

Ask the company, where you want to order stretch ceiling, to show a certificate of dealerships or partnership letters from PVC stretch ceiling manufacturer. Check out this information in the public sources (like Internet websites, forums).

Don’t forget to ask about mentioning in the contract not only color you selected, but also the name of PVC film manufacturer. The contract must be accompanied with the cashier’s check or cash order, registered in the tax office. If you do not control these points, you will not be able to make legal claim to installation company.

If somebody shows you Fran Studio stretch ceilings catalog, this fact does not mean that the ceilings you will get were made by Fran Studio. Please, feel free to call or contact us in another way, and we will give you complete information about the partners in your city and will take special care about your stretch ceiling on our production.

All Fran Studio ceilings are made only at manufactores, specified on this site. There are no enterprises producers of Fran Studio ceilings. If you see such — it might be a fake.

All Fran Studio ceilings have additional protection against forgery. More info about it can be found here.