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Stretch ceilings

The Fran company currently produces stretch ceilings under two brands:

1. Fran Studio — stretch ceilings produced from PVC film exclusively manufactured in Europe (maximum width between the seams of the ceiling set for the matte and satin fabrics 295sm and 354sm for lacquer) (see Fran Studio catalogue);
2. Gline — stretch ceilings produced from the Chinese PVC film (the width between the seams of the ceiling set by 300cm to 550sm) (see Gline catalogue).

The main thing you have — is the ability to choose! Choosing stretch ceilings Fran Studio, you get a real European quality, time-tested. This is a premium product: a unique appearance, excellent performance. All products Fran Studio corresponds to modern European standards and has all the necessary certificates. Possible period of expluatation — more than 50 years. Official manufacturer warranty of 10 years!

The Gline catalogue includes ceilings with width from 300 to 550 cm, which are not produced by European manufacturers. Buying Gline ceiling, you can count on an acceptable quality. With the help of Gline stretch ceilings, you can get a perfect finish without any seams.

The Fran company offers enhanced color palette of matte, glossy and satin textures — using Fran Studio catalogue you are guaranteed to find the exact shade you need!