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The quality of components depends largely on the quality and appearance of the entire stretch ceiling. Moreover, you work nicely with good components. The Fran Studio company is constantly engaged in developing new profiles, harpoons, bumpers and other products that simplify the work of installers, making construction cheaper, reducing installation time and improves the appearance of Fran Studio stretch ceiling. We recommend you to use only original accessories during the installation of Fran Studio stretch ceilings.

All our profiles are available in three grades: the higher, first and second. This in no way affects their technological characteristics.

For different situations during the installation of stretch ceiling, we have prepared for you the following components:

Фото Описание Упаковка
Invisible top grade Y-shaped PVC 40х2,5 м
Invisible first grade Y-shaped PVC 40х2,5 м
Ribbon for Y-shaped PVC 100 м.п
Invisible top grade PVC for wall 40х2,5 м
Invisible top grade PVC for wall (1,75м) 40х1,75 м
Invisible first grade PVC for wall 40х2,5 м
Invisible second grade PVC for wall 40х2,5 м
Invisible PVC for ceiling 40х2,5 м
Invisible aluminum for ceiling 40х2,5 м
White masking ribbon 100 м
Black masking ribbon 100 м
Colored masking ribbon 100 м
Masking ribbon colored in a color of the ceiling
по каталогу полотен Fran Studio
от 3 п.м
Universal ribbon 100м
Wide ribbon 100м
Line trim angle п.м.
Visible PVC profile 99 м
Invisible aluminum for wall 40х2,5 м
Invisible aluminum for wall
40х2,5 м
PVC devider 40х2,5 м
Ribbon for PVC devider 100 м
Aluminium devider 40х2,5 м
Aluminium devider
40х2,5 м
Insertion for aluminium devider 50 м
Devider (angle) 40х2,5 м
Universal aluminium profile 40х2,5 м
Buffer 40х2,5 м
Buffer sliced 40х2,5 м
Y-shaped Buffer 40х2,5 м
Y-shaped Buffer
40х2,5 м
Invisible harpoon 2,5 м
Invisible harpoon 600 м
Visible harpoon 350 м
Additional materials and equipment
Photo Description
Special Edition - pattern catalogue
Mini Edition - pattern catalogue
ART Studio catalogue
Fran Studio advertising sticker (40х70)
A poster with Fran Studio logo (40х70)
Fran Studio advertising poster-sticker
Fran Studio advertising poster (130х70)
T-shirt (white color)
Medium spatula for installation
Increased spatula for installation
Small spatula for installation
Narrow spatula for installation
Angle spatula for installation
Corner hanger (crocodile)
Heat gun 29 kW
Fran Studio booklet
«Kosmofen СА12″ glue 12 g.
Cleanser for «Fran Studio» stretch ceiling
Plastic PVC hard
Photo Description
Plastic PVC hard 0,3 мм
Plastic PVC hard 3 мм
Plastic PVC hard 5 мм
Plastic PVC hard 10 мм
Photo Description
Platform for fixtures D=60,65,70,75,80,85.
Platform for fixtures D=90,112
Universal platform 50-100 мм
Universal platform 55-105 мм
Contours for tubes
Photo Descroption
Contours for tubes 27 мм
Contours for tubes, plastic 30 мм
Photo Description
Thermo-ring for fixtures D=60,65,70,75,80,85
Thermo-ring for fixtures D=90,112
Thermo-ring for fixtures D=20,35,45,50,55
Thermo-ring for fixtures for chandeliers and moldings 4,5х13 мм
Variants of stretch ceilings installation

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