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Stretch ceilings with сurved soldering

The Fran Studio company produces high quality ceilings with curved soldering of different color and texture materials. This technology requires manufacturer to have a professional equipment and skills. Therefore, in Russia the ammount of companies where you can get curved soldering of stretch ceilings is very small.

Installation of stretch ceilings with curved soldering can be offered to customers as a worthy alternative to multi-level ceilings, suspended, or made of drywall. All the benefits of suspended ceilings before drywall you are well known: water resistance, durability, speed, simplicity and purity of the installation. for the сurved soldering ceilings they also apply.

Multilevel stretch ceilings require the use of a large number of additional components. This inevitably leads to a rise in the cost of production for the customer. The curved soldering allows you to replace visually the Multilevel construction. Also, many customers do not want to make lower the ceiling and to clutter the space. In such cases it is necessary to offer a curved soldering as a possible solution.

Installation of a stretch ceiling with curved soldering does not differ from installation of a simple flat ceilings, which allows the installer to offer the customer interior, wich is not only unique, but also quite budget, if compare to the multilevel structures.

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