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Art photo wall murals

Art wallpaper in combination with Fran Studio stretch ceilings will give you impressive results. Our wallpapers are made at the factory in Netherlands BNI — the European leader in the production of bases for vinyl wallpaper.

  • Our wallpapers are odorless
  • Our wallpapers have exceptional properties when glueing on the wall
  • Our wallpapers have a large selection of surface textures
  • Our wallpapers with with print seal can be washed
  • Our wallpapers can be put on the wall immediately after printing

Look in this section different textures available on the warehouses of Fran Studio company. Also, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices for wallpapers.

Finished interiors can be found in the gallery.

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Instructions for proper installation of vinyl paintings

  • From beginning check whether the material is not damaged during transport. If so, contact your manager of Fran Studio.
  • Cut the material 5-10 cm longer with spaces at the floor and ceiling.
  • Check the material after the cutting of three parts to match the color and surface, the slightest discrepancy in contact with your company manager Fran.
  • Make sure that the surface to be glued is smooth, firm, dry and clean.
  • Remove all old wallpapers, paint, whitewash and especially the traces of chalk and mixtures.
  • Use adhesives designed for the heavy vinyl wallpaper (after tests in the laboratory Henkel, best results were obtained with the use of adhesives for vinyl wallpaper. These products can be recommended for use in case of abidance of instruction on the package).
  • Use adhesive layer as a primer (first layer) on a porous or absorbent surfaces.
  • Mark a line edge of the wallpaper so that the sheet can be glued 2 cm away and check the angle of gluing.
  • Use sufficient quantity of adhesive using a roller or wallpaper with a brush on one sheet once.
  • Use a roller to smooth wallpapers
  • Connect the web overlap by 5 cm (combining the pattern).
  • Cut the both layers of wallpaper with a sharp knife and remove the trimmed strip of material.
  • Turn the outer layer of wallpaper and remove the inner cropped strip of material.
  • Remove the second layer of wallpaper and spread the wall under compound with glue.
  • Close the joint and press the roller.
  • Remove adhesive residue with clean water.



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