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Descor textile stretch ceilings


Descor – is a textile stretch ceiling, consisting of a thin polyester fiber impregnated with a special polyurethane coating. Descor ceiling system developed and patented by Pongs Textil (Germany) and meets the highest European requirements for appearance, hygiene and fire safety.

Key features of Descor stretch ceilings:

  • increased strength characteristics
  • high acoustic performance
  • does not require the use of gas equipment during installation
  • suitable for application of high-quality Art Print
  • You can get your ceiling Descor at the moment of reservation in our offices
  • You are able to select the optimal width of the material (from 310 cm to 505 cm) to reduce scrap after installation

All colors of Descor stretch ceilings with presented in this section widthes of the material are always available in the warehouses of the Fran company. Photos of ready Descor ceilings, you can seein the gallery.

Do not be afraid to experiment, just make art print on your Descor stretch ceilings.

Don’t forget to choose lamps for your Descor stretch ceilings.